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Think About It!


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"There is a story in all men's lives"
William Shakespeare

Between 1892-1954, over twelve million immigrants entered the United States through Elis Island, NY.

Immigration has become part of our past, present and future. Today immigrant's stories are very much like all the immigrants who came through Elis Island, like the Irish, the Italians and the Polish.

They might come from poverty stricken areas, and the story of some could be a story very similar to Frank McCourt's story in "Angela's ashes". The description of McCourt's small town of Limmerick could be some poor town in Brazil, India or Africa where families might have to beg for basic human needs to survive. For them, America is also a dream, the land of opportunity.

Our history and our culture are rich. Every population who ever immigrated to the United States brought with them their cultural heritage. That is the reason why we eat Chinese food, we like Mexican burritos and we love Frank Sinatra's version of the "Girl from Ipanema". Their cultural values become part of our culture.

"Think About It!" wants to show you, our readers, their stories, goals and dreams. We want you to think about different cultures , and see different perspectives. For too long we have been living in a fish bowl, and it is about time we go out and explore the diversity in front of us.

This is just the beginning
Enjoy and we will see you next month!

Vanessa Neupmann

Letters to the Editor

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